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Selling Homes and Helping Kids is one aspect of being a real estate agent I absolutely love. As a Realtor with RE/MAX Results the charity work we do with Children’s Miracle Network is incredibly rewarding.

Home sales that help Kids

Every completed real estate transaction results in a donation being made in the name of my client. Buy a home and a donation is made in your name. Sell a home and there is also a donation made in your name! For our clients, both buyers and sellers, a donation is being made to Children’s Miracle Network in their name. Over the last several years all the donations from my clients have gone to Gillette Children’s Health Care. 

Helping my home sellers and buyers too

So when my listing sold recently, and after the inspection and appraisal were completed successfully, I went out to place the SOLD rider on the yard sign, and also took along a Children’s Miracle Network rider. 

On a very cold winter day complete with a stiff breeze blowing, I went out to update the sign on my most recent sale. I felt warm as I attached the sold sign to the Children’s Miracle Home rider and thought about all the good they are doing and how we are able to help.

St Cloud Realtors Giving Back

Many St Cloud area real estate agents are involved in good works throughout the year. In fact, our local Realtors association does charity work, including an annual golf outing to raise money. The St Cloud Area Association of Realtor’s tournament picks a different cause to support each time with the funds raised.

Selling homes and helping Kids with REMAX

Every closing results in good things happening for Buyers and Sellers, and also for the little kids who need medical help. And it ALL goes directly to the Children’s Miracle Network.
100% with no charity management, or fundraising costs. Just thinking about selling a home in St. Cloud and helping Children’s do what they do makes me feel warm, even this time of year.
Children’s Miracle Network helps about 10 million kids per year through their network of 158 hospitals and has raised, to date, about $7 billion for the care of the children.

Charity begins at Home

I specifically chose Gillette Children’s so that my contributions might help kids here in our local area. Any child from St. Cloud who needs their help would likely go to Gillette, for the specialized care they can provide. It is wonderful to note that their work has attracted people from all walks of life since the organization’s founding in 1983. Marie Osmond and John Schneider are some of the more well known founders.

Thank You from Children’s Miracle Network 

If you sold a home in St. Cloud that donated thank you!  Selling a home and helping kids is easy. You can buy a home and help kids too. If you intend to buy a home in St. Cloud or buy a home in central Minnesota the same donation will be made in your name.  Thank you for contributing to this worthy cause.

If you are relocating to central Minnesota check out all the wonderful reasons to love St Cloud. It is a  beautiful area full of things to do and lots of great houses. I would welcome the opportunity to help you find your perfect place here. Browse my website for more information about buying or selling a home, or property in the Central Minnesota real estate market.

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