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Historic home buying in St Cloud is great fun! There are 3 distinct neighborhoods, or districts, to pick from when looking. Each neighborhood has it’s own character and history.

We cover all 3 neighborhoods, Barden, Southside and Pantown, in this post on historic home buying here in St Cloud. As a Century homeowner and Realtor for over 30 years I love helping others start a new life in one of these historic neighborhoods.

Historic Homes Southside Neighborhood St Cloud MN

Historic Southside Neighborhood St CloudIn 1992 the Heritage Preservation Commission took a survey of the St Cloud MN area to find the most architecturally significant and historic sites in the city. In 1998 they began work on their first nomination for a local historic district, they chose the Southside Neighborhood.

Historic Southside St Cloud Homes District location

St Cloud Southside Historic homeThe Southside Historic Neighborhood runs from 9th Avenue South to the Mississippi River just north of St Cloud State University. A favorite in town it includes some of the most ornate and beautiful homes in the city. From Craftsman to Victorian, features like carriage houses, cupolas and turrets abound. Architectural creativity is on display here, even to the casual observer.

St Cloud Southside Historic District home

Take a walk or a drive in this historic district and you won’t be disappointed. Part of the charm of the neighborhood is the presence of the river, the university, and mature trees everywhere. The Southside Historic District is full of character and charm. This is why people who are thinking about buying a historic home love this area. The history and craftmanship are in abundance in this neighborhood.

Historic Southside Neighborhood Character


Historic Home St Cloud MN Southside Neighborhood Dig a little below the surface beauty, there are interesting stories to be learn and retell. Many of these homes are lovingly restored personal residences. This one is a bed & breakfast, and a few have even been converted to rentals. Several of the rental homes accommodate college students from nearby SCSU. 

Historic Home in the St Cloud Southside neighborhood

One of the grandest of all the Southside Historic homes was damaged by fire and it is now being restored to it’s original stunning beauty. Please note: when buying a home in an historic neighborhood in St Cloud you might have extra restrictions placed upon your work and your materials. Be sure to check with your local preservation group or society prior to beginning any project. You can see in the picture the shiny reflective windows that were a huge problem with the fire restoration, please be sure to check.

The Historic Society has been monitoring this home carefully

Historic St Cloud Home Tours

The Southside Historic Neighborhood District is a mainstay and one of the best of all of the wonderful reasons to love St. Cloud. As always our wonderful Stearns County History Museum is a great source of information. Tours of St Cloud’s historic homes are offered during the Granite City Days Celebration.

Go on a the St Cloud Historic homes tour. Some of the interior features and craftsmanship are prime examples. You can see massive granite fireplaces, grand foyers and of course stunning hardwood floors.

More articles will be posted on historic home buying and selling in the 3 historic districts of St Cloud. So if you really enjoy St Cloud’s historic homes please check back to see more of what makes this such a special place to live.


Pantown Historic Homes Neighborhood North St Cloud MN

Pan Motor Company StockPan Town Historic District Home in St CloudThe Pantown Historic District is one of the most interesting neighborhoods in St Cloud. If you want to view many of these homes drive down 8th Street North.

Look around the corner from the factory and you will get a very nice view of the well preserved district. Pantown Historic Neighborhood was built for employees of Pan Motor Company and is a fun search area for historic home buyers.


History of the Pantown Historic District Homes

Pan Town Historic HomeThe Pantown District is a group of homes for the workers of the Pan Motor Company and the Pandolfo Manufacturing Company in North St Cloud MN. The auto plant was a 22 acre complex of buildings with underground tunnels and from 1917 to 1921. The factory produced approximately 750 vehicles. The location is now the Electrolux plant on 33rd Ave North.

Sam Pandolfo built over 50 homes for his factory workers. He also convinced the city of St Cloud to extend the sewer and water lines out to his new development. The neighborhood is known as Pantown and is classified as one of St Cloud’s 3 Historic Neighborhood Districts.


Pantown Cars Part of St Cloud’s Rich HistoryPan Town Home in St Cloud MN

Both the Pan Motor Company building and the Pantown neighborhood are listed on the National Register of Historic Places:

Pan Motor Company Office and Sheet Metal Works (added 1984 – Building) 435-437 33rd Avenue North Saint Cloud and Pan Town Residential District (added 1982 – District) Thirty, Thirty-second, and Thirty-third Avenues North Saint Cloud.

Pan Town Historic Home in St Cloud MN


The Pan Automobile is featured regularly by the St Cloud Antique Auto Club, Inc. in St Cloud. Check out the book “The Legend of Sam Pandolfo: Minnesota’s Pan Motor Company and its Legacy”. It is a great read to learn more and is available at the St Cloud Public Library.




Barden Park Historic Homes Neighborhood St Cloud Mn

Granite Marker Barden ParkThe Barden Park Historic District in St Cloud MN is located right next to the St Cloud State University campus area. The address is 720 5th Avenue South, Saint Cloud, Minnesota. Barden Park, the oldest community park in St Cloud, is the gateway to the campus.

In 2005 Barden Park celebrated it’s 150th birthday. Barden Park is widely supported by the St Cloud community. The volunteer commitment from its inception is wonderful and they are active. A granite plaque in the park commemorates the volunteers from the St Cloud Reading Room Society. Circa 1880, the Reading Room Society was the original group of prominent female community enthusiasts.

History of Historic Barden Park District

Barden Park was originally know as Central Park. The name was changed in 1938 to honor Charles Barden, an early park director and benefactor to Barden Park. He is quoted by the St Cloud Historical and Neighborhood Preservation Association as saying “Beautify your city as you would your home.”

St Cloud State Alumni HouseAs the years passed the Barden Park area neighborhood grew up and so did the University. In fact St Cloud State University grew so much that through Imminent Domain there was the removal and destruction of many homes directly east of Barden Park. In fact the only home remaining east of the park has been preserved as the St Cloud State University Alumni House.

Barden Park Neighborhood Preservation

A Barden Park Historic District Home

There was a plan to construct a 4 lane highway through this area too. A community group called NICE, Neighbors Interested in our City’s Environment, was formed to stop this from happening to the area. This group became known as the South/Southeast Neighbors Association, and they were successful as there is not a highway through the Barden Park Neighborhood.

In recent years there has been a great resurgence to save the historic homes in St Cloud. The neighborhood’s citizens are very active once again in protecting out heritage and historic homes. In 2005 St Cloud was awarded a Preserve America Community award by the First Lady, Laura Bush, and in 2010 St Cloud MN received the This Old House Best Old Neighborhoods Honor too.

St Cloud Historical and Neighborhood Preservation Association

SCHNPA, as it is casually nicknamed, the St Cloud Historical and Neighborhood Preservation Association, has played a very large part in the recent revival of historic preservation in St Cloud too. There are some rules that will come into play if you own or buy a Historic home in St Cloud, so before you begin a renovation project check to make sure you are in compliance with the local regulations.

Barden Park BandstandBarden Park is anchored by an elevated granite band shell festooned with red white and blue bunting. Throughout the spring and summer season there are many activities held at Barden Park. The St Cloud Municipal Band will hold several free concerts at the band stand in Barden Park in upcoming weeks.

Barden Park is a wonderful place to gather, with plenty of picnic benches, a playground for the children, lots of cool shade provided by the majestic oak trees, and a lovely view of some of St Cloud MN’s historic homes.

Historic Home buying in St Cloud Made Easy

If you are interested in buying a historic home in the St Cloud area please contact me to help. I have lived in a Century old home for most of my life and would be happy to help you find yours.

If you are relocating to central Minnesota check out all the wonderful reasons to love St Cloud. It is a  beautiful area full of things to do and lots of great houses. I would welcome the opportunity to help you find your perfect place here. Browse my website for more information about buying or selling a home, or property in the Central Minnesota real estate market.

St Cloud offers historic home buying options in 3 different wonderful neighborhoods.

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