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Our high quality of life in St Cloud is due to all the wonderful features we have in the city. You can leave the theater and be along side the Mighty Mississippi fishing in under no time. It is easy to find happiness in St Cloud and to have fun in Central Minnesota. The Beaver Island Trail gives people who live here a long list of fun activities anytime of year.

Today we are going to share more of why this is such a special place. We love the area surrounding the Beaver Island Trail. People walk, run, jog, bike, and roller blade in the warm months. In the winter it is cross country skiing. Lots of homes are next to the trail making it a real selling and buying point for people who are moving in and out of the area. Many people relax and find happiness in St Cloud along the Beaver Island Trail.


Happy reviews on Beaver Island Trail


Beaver Island Trail Features

Beaver Island trail head sign for the trail. Beaver Island even has a rest room so it is a perfect place to stop for a picnic or a walk with the kids too.

Beaver Island Park is 24.5 acres of beautiful scenic water front with paths to bike, walk, in line skate, or jog on, it is also accessible by wheelchair. It is a great example of what this area looked like before it was populated.

The Beaver Island Park was established in 1991 and is located 2.5 miles from the Hydroelectric dam at St Cloud State University.

The Beaver Island Trail is 2.5 miles of asphalt paved path wandering along the Mississippi River and ends with a connection to the bike route into the downtown area. Active residents can tell you happiness in St Cloud is found down along the shores of the Mississippi next to Beaver Islands.


Beaver Island Trail bird houseBeaver Island Trail Shelter and River access

Beaver Island Park has a trail head facility, managed by the St Cloud Parks Department, with restrooms, a picnic shelter, boat and canoe access, and lots of parking.

This time of year Beaver Island Trail is great to walk, you can see lots of small woodland creatures and if you like to bird watch, boy are you in luck! For birders happiness in St Cloud abounds. I have been told it is one of the top 3 places in the area for bird watching.

Happy adventures on the Beaver Island Trail

As I was taking the pictures of Beaver Island for today’s wonderful reasons to love St Cloud MN post I noticed many sets of fresh deer tracks on the paths leading to the river. The tracks were all along the interlocking web of foot paths that wind through the woods on the upper and lower river bank adjacent to the paved trail that is perfect for the bikers and in line skaters.

If I would get my 35mm out and carry it when I am walking the trail I would have had a photo of a red fox to add to this post too. As it is, with the digital, it takes just enough time to reset for a fox sitting on the boat landing to disappear into the woods. He is very fast. I have seen this little guy before and someday I will get his picture.

If you would like to be able to take a nature walk along the Mississippi over your lunch break than St Cloud might just be the perfect happy place for you to call home too. Please give me a call, I would be happy to help you find your perfect place and share with you more of the reasons we have such a great quality of life here in St Cloud.

If you are relocating to central Minnesota check out all the wonderful reasons to love St Cloud. It is a  beautiful area full of things to do and lots of great houses. I would welcome the opportunity to help you find your perfect place here. Browse my website for more information about buying or selling a home, or property in the Central Minnesota real estate market.

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